Payments to Students, Faculty, and Staff

Per federal law, a school must examine all federal, state, institutional, private, and other sources of educational financial assistance in determining eligibility for student aid.  Any educational benefits paid because of enrollment in a postsecondary education institution must be considered Estimated Financial Assistance and must be reported to the Financial Aid Department, regardless of whether the benefit is called a scholarship, award, grant, stipend, or another term.  In addition, the University has a Federal requirement to report these payments to a student on an annual 1098T Tuition Tax Statement.

In order to comply with governmental reporting requirements, all financial assistance made to students (excluding payroll) must be processed through the PeopleSoft Student Financial Services module and posted to the Student's Account.

1 . Wages

Wages are defined as a payment for services made under an employer/employee relationship where the University receives a benefit from the services provided. If payment for wages is earned as an employee of the University, the payment must be processed through the Human Resource and Payroll processing procedures. 

2 . Scholarship

Sponsored Programs Foundation (SPF) Trust Student Award Request Form
Foundation (ADV) Trust Student Award Request Form
Associated Students (AS) Trust Student Award Request Form
Campus Department (CMP) Trust Student Award Request Form
Humboldt Scholarship Trust (SJxxx) Coordinate with Financial Aid Office

If there are past-due fees owed by the student, the award will first apply to charges past due.  Any remaining amount will be refunded to the student.

Financial Aid Website

3 . Student Awards

To initiate a payment to a student from any department or business unit the requester completes a “Student Award Request Form”. The form can be found on the Humboldt forms database. The completed form is submitted to Student Financial Services (SBS 285) or email If you wish to utilize DocuSign to submit your form, please contact 707-826-4407.

If there are past-due fees owed by the student, the award will first apply to charges past due.  Any remaining amount will be refunded to the student. Exceptions can be requested by contacting Student Financial Services at 707-826-4407. This may include special award presentations to students. 

Payments will be processed weekly by Student Financial Services. Once the payment is available, the student is notified by email that a check is available for pick-up at the Cashiers' Office. If the Student has enrolled in direct deposit, the student receives an email notifying them that the funds are being transferred into their bank account. If the student would like to enroll in direct deposit, this can be done by accessing their student center and clicking “Enroll in Direct Deposit” under the Finances section in their Student Center. Student Financial Services coordinates with the Financial Aid department daily with detailed information regarding the students receiving awards. The Financial Aid department will work directly with students if the award impacts their Cost-Of-Attendance (COA) and Financial Aid award package.

Information Needed to Fill out the Form:
  • Student’s name
  • Humboldt ID number
  • Amount of award
  • Distribution frequency of the award
  • Specific dates for distribution
  • Chartfield from which the award will be paid from
  • Student Authorizations-(HMSPF Only)- If the student is required to certify that they have participated in the program prior to receiving any payments, a separate request form must be submitted for each payment

Download the Student Award Request Form here.

4 . Gift Cards

Pre-authorization is required for the purchase of all gift cards and certificates from the Accounts Payable Department. You must also turn in a Disbursement Log upon the conclusion of your event.

All financial support to students must be reported to the Financial Aid Office, including gift cards from the University. If a student receives awards that would cause their total aid from all sources to exceed the Cost of Attendance (COA), then adjustments must be made to their Financial Aid package. This may cause a negative effect on students if multiple gift cards are awarded after their financial aid disburses and in excess of their COA. Students may have to pay back a portion of their financial aid or reduce their award package.

Gift cards to students would only be allowable:

  • Amounts under $25 per student per calendar year (Jan - Dec). This limit cannot be circumvented using multiple gift cards.
  • Use for promoting an event, giveaways, or participation in a survey (not for services rendered by the student)
  • Not redeemable for cash. Must be for food, beverage, or merchandise (i.e. Amazon, Wildberries)

5 . Additional Documents & Information