What is the C-Card?

The Humboldt Convenience Card is tied to your Humboldt student, faculty, or staff ID card. You may activate your ID card to serve as a debit account by making an initial deposit to the card. Your card may then be used for purchases at any participating campus location.

Using the C-Card is Easy

The C-Card can be used to purchase food, textbooks, clothing, event tickets, supplies, and more without having to carry cash. Once you activate your C-Card account, all purchases made with the C-Card will be automatically deducted from your account balance. To check your current balance, simply ask at any participating location

What the C-Card Offers

The C-Card eliminates the need for you to carry cash on campus. Your card is valid at all participating locations, including summer and winter breaks. Any remaining balance at the end of a semester automatically rolls over to the following semester.
No Usage Fees
There are no fees to activate or use the C-Card.
If the card is ever lost or stolen, report it to the Housing and Dining Cashier or online, and the card will be immediately deactivated and the remaining account balance will be guaranteed.
The C-Card helps students and parents budget campus expenses.
C-Card balances can be found, and deposits made, at https://get.cbord.com/humboldt