Financial Aid Information

Fall 2024 Financial Aid begins disbursing on Monday, August 19, 2024.

Disbursement and Refunds

The process for disbursing and refunding financial aid awards is complex. The Financial Aid Office has created a comprehensive resource for Receiving Financial Aid. Disbursement (or "payout") refers to when your financial aid funds are released to your student account.  When funds are finalized and ready to pay they are credited to your student account (exceptions are Federal Work Study, non-Humboldt loans, and certain non-Humboldt scholarships).  Current academic year charges for tuition fees and on-campus room and board will automatically be paid by your financial aid if all disbursement requirements have been met.

Financial Aid Disbursements are awarded to your student account starting the week before the semester begins and continue on a weekly basis throughout the semester.

Financial holds, prior year debt, or items on your "to-do list" will prevent your financial aid from disbursing.

If your financial aid award is more than your university charges for the semester, a refund will be produced. You will be notified via email when a refund is generated. Refund checks will be available for pickup at the Cashier's window in the SBS Building, Room 285. Direct deposit refunds will be posted to your bank account via electronic funds transfer (EFT) if you are participating in the Student Electronic Funds Transfer program.

Other Information

At the Freeze Date (two weeks into the semester and the last day to add/drop), the financial aid system will take one FINAL reading of your units.  Your unit status on this date will set your eligibility level for the entire semester for the following programs: Pell Grant, Cal Grant A or B, State University Grant, Perkins Loan, and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant.  Aid recipients who are not enrolled full-time as of the freeze date may be required to pay back part or all of these funds.

It is important to continue to update your current address via MyHumboldt for all future correspondence or any other "non-financial aid" refunds.

Your Cal Poly Humboldt email account is an official form of communication between you and the University.  You are responsible for checking your Humboldt email account for official communications.  Although you may elect to redirect messages sent to your official Humboldt email address to another address, you do so at your own risk.

For More Information

  • For more information regarding financial aid check disbursement and refunds, contact Student Accounts at 707-826-4407.
  • For more information regarding financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at 707-826-4321 or visit their website  Financial Aid Office
  • Read more about your financial aid in the Financial Aid Award Guide