Handbook & Training

Student Clubs & Organizations Financial Handbook

The Student Club Financial Handbook details the process and procedures that student clubs must follow regarding any activities involving money.

Cash Handling Checklist

This list details the guidelines for handling cash and cash equivalents for student club fundraising events. Any club members that will be collecting cash, or completing transactions must first complete a cash handling training before doing so. To book a cash handling training with the Club Financial Coordinator, click here.

Student Club Financial Management Training Slideshow

The presentation shown to club treasurers and presidents as part of the orientation process for recognized clubs. Information in this training reflects information found in the Student Club Financial Handbook.

Online Student Club Financial Management Training

A helpful tool for club officers and members to refresh their knowledge of the Club Financial Handbook. This is training is also available if club officers change mid-semester and need to obtain certification that they have completed the necessary training. Please note that special approval is required in order to use this training as a replacement for the in-person Club Financial Management Training.

CashNet Report Guide

This quick guide helps club officers interpret the recurring report sent to their club email by CashNet.

OBI Report Guide

This quick guide helps club officers interpret the recurring report sent to their club email by Oracle Business Innovations.

PDF icon Process Guide for Club Stores

This process guide outlines the rules and procedures involved with operating a Club Cash Collection Point. Club Cash Collection Points are considered regular, on-going, recurring sales that happen continuously for 3 weeks or longer. Includes Coffee Carts.

Coffee Carts Training (Coming Soon!)

This presentation is shown to all club members who will participate in running a Club Coffee Cart. This training goes over proper cash handling, deposit procedures, as well as safe food handling and common misconceptions on what is appropriate to sell.

ICSUAM 3141.01 - Administration of Student Organization Funds

This is the delegation of authority for Humboldt State University to oversee student club & organization finances.