Student Center Guide


Your student center is where you register for classes and where you can find out about fees due and financial aid you have received.

1 . Accessing your Student Center 

Step 1 - Visit In the upper righthand corner, there are tabs for sites you will access often. Click on the link for myHumboldt.

Step 1

Step 2 - Next, you will need to log in using your HSU username and password.

Step 2

Step 3 - Once you are in MyHumboldt, you will have a quick link in the middle of the page to access your Student Center.

2 . Viewing Account Inquiry (How to find out if you have enough aid to cover your costs)

Step 1 - Once you access your Student Center, scroll to the middle of the page to a section titled "Finances," and click on Account Inquiry.

Step 4

Step 2 - Here, you can see your fees due per term as well as your pending Financial Aid.

**Note: If your Pending Aid is greater than or equal to your Outstanding Charges, then you do not need to make a payment for that term. If the Pending Aid is less than your Outstanding Charges, you will need to pay the difference to avoid getting dropped from your classes. This student will need to make a payment for the Fall Term since their Pending Aid does not cover all Outstanding Charges.

Step 5

3 . Viewing Charges Due (How to find the specific fees you are charged)

Step 1 -Once you access your Student Center, scroll to the middle of the page to a section titled "Finances," and click on Charges Due.

Step 2Here, you can see when your fees are due, and how much. ** Note: This page will NOT show your pending financial aid, only fees that have been charged to your account. To see your pending aid, you will need to view your Account Inquiry (see above).

Step 3 - If you scroll lower on the page, you can see details on exactly which fees are due. This student has tuition fees due in August, and housing fees due in September. You can also choose to view different terms so you have a break down of fees per semester. 

Extra - If you have paid all of your fees, "Charges Due" will be empty.

4 . Viewing Account Activity (How to find all financial activity on your account)

Step 1 - Once you access your Student Center, look for the section titled "Finances." Click on the drop down menu, select Account Activity, and click the arrow beside it to continue. 

Step 2 - On the page for "Account Activity," you will be shown all of the charges, and payments to your account, as well as refunds. This chart will also show the breakdown of your student fees, and how much financial aid posted to your account. If the chart shows you have a refund, you will be issued a check, or the money will be put into your bank account if you have enrolled in direct deposit on your Student Center.

5 . How to Opt-Out of the $2 Student Involvement Fee

Step 1 - Once you have accessed your "Account Activity," (see above), you can find the Student Involvement fee. To the right of the $2.00, you will see the option to opt out.

Step 2 - Click on the Opt Out text and you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire. Once that is completed, you see a new line appear showing -$2.00 (which cancels out the original fee).

6 . Viewing Your To-Do List

Step 1 - Once you have accessed your Student Center, go to the right of the webpage and you will find a section for "To-Do List."


Step 2 - Click on "More" and you will find pending tasks that various departments may need you to complete. 

Step 3 - When you click on the item in the list, it will give you more details on how to complete the task. This example shows contact information for the department, and includes a link with more information on how to complete the task. Check this section often in case there are things you need to do!

7 . Enrollment Agreement Hold

Step 1 - The Enrollment Agreement must be completed EACH semester before your can register for classes. Please view this guide for detailed instructions on how to fill out your Enrollment Agreement. User Guide

8 . Authorization to Release Information

Step 1 - Once you access your Student Center, scroll down to locate the section titled "Personal Information." You can give HSU consent to release one or more of your educational records (financial, housing, enrollment) to a parent, guardian or other family member with a single online form.


Step 2 -  You will see a page that describes the different types of authorization you may release. You will give the name of who will have authorization and the Expiration date for the designee. They can have access to your information for up to one calendar year, and you will need to update their expiration date each year.

Step 3 - Select the Department and the Records you wish to share.

Step 4 - Enter a brief reason for the release of information. This is a freeform text field.

Step 5 - If you want to add more records to share, click the plus button. Click Save when you are done.


9 . Enrolling in Direct Deposit

Step 1 - Once you access your Student Center, scroll down to locate the section titled "Finances." Locate the link for Enroll in Direct Deposit.

Step 2 - The next page will ask for your banking information. The account and routing number can be found on the bottom of a blank check. Once you are enrolled in direct deposit, you will get refunds automatically sent to your bank instead of having to pick up a check at the Cashier's Office.

10 . How to Buy a Parking Permit Online (Prior to Start of Semester)

Step 1 - Once you access your Student Center, scroll down to locate the section titled "Finances." Locate the link for Make a Payment. This will take you to CashNet.

Step 2 - Once in CashNet, you have the option to purchase a Parking Permit. You can choose to purchase a permit for the whole academic year, or just 1 term. You may also choose a general or resident parking permit. It is highly recommended to purchase a resident permit if you live on campus. For more information on fees for Student Parking Permits, go here.