Fundraising Planning Tips

Fundraising may be an essential part of your RSO's operations. In order to maximize the amount of money your RSO can raise, it is best to have a strong game plan and lots of support. To start an Event Request, log into Lumberjack Link and go to forms to create an Event Request.

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Common Fundraisers

Event Requests must be submitted at least 15 business days in advance! Some examples of common fundraisers include:

  • Sales (Merch Sales)
  • Services (Carwash, Gardening)
  • Restaurant Fundraiser (Applebee's)
  • Pints-for-Nonprofits (Humbrews)

Special Fundraisers

These types of fundraisers require a lot of dedication and planning! It is important to get started and get our offices involved early for large events. Due to government filing and policy compliance, event requests must be submitted at least 21 business days in advance! Some may need up to 2 months! Some examples of special fundraisers include:

  • Ticket Sales (Dance, Show)
  • Raffles
  • Auction (needs department sponsor)
  • Contest (Footrace, Cornhole)

What else to know about Fundraisers? 


It may seem fun to host a large event, but too many details can make planning it overwhelming. If your event covers more than one type of fundraiser activity (as previously listed), you will be in for a large project. Talk to our offices so we can help you figure out the best course of action.

Cash Handling Training

In most fundraisers, your RSO members may collect cash. To ensure that money is handled properly and to deter fraudulent activity, RSO members must attend a cash handling training with the Club Financial Coordinator prior to the fundraiser.

Raffles, Auctions & Contests

These types of fundraisers need special approval since there are stated and federal filings required. This process is facilitated through the Office of Philanthropy. Did you know a raffle is a form of gambling and is illegal in the State of California? The only exception is that registered 501c3 non-profit organizations may host a raffle.

Consider This

Goal  Why do you need to raise money? What is your call-to-action? Why should people participate?
Time How long will it take to plan? What approval steps are needed? 
Location Where will your event take place? What process is needed to rent space? 
Audience To whom does your event appeal to? Students? Parents? Community members? 
Safety Do you have a plan for an emergency? Will you need to hire security or buy insurance? 
Accommodate Is your event accessible for disabled persons? Have you considered dietary restrictions? 
Marketing How will you get the word out about your event? Social Media? Flyers? Radio/Newspaper Ads? 
Electronics What equipment do you need? Lighting, sound, internet? How many outlets do you need? 
Supplies What supplies are necessary to make your event a success? Decorations? Tables & Chairs? 
Budget What is your expected revenue and expenses? Will your fundraiser be profitable?