Student Permits

Students Permits

Student parking permits can be purchased from the Cashier's Office as well as online through the student payment portal (at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters). For more information on how to buy your parking permit online, visit the Student Center Guide.

Permit Pricing

Permit Type
Year Permit (Valid August 1 - May 31) $315.00
Semester Permit (Fall or Spring) $157.50
Semester Evening Permit (Valid after 5 PM) $58.00
Semester Motorcycle Permit $40.00
Daily Permit (Only sold at the Parking Kiosk or Parking Dispensers) $3.50
Meter Spaces (Hourly Rate) $0.75 / hour
Full Summer Permit (Valid June 1 - July 31) $105.00
5-Week Summer Permit $52.50
1-Week Summer Permit $17.50
Summer Motorcycle Permit $16.00