Parking Permits FAQ

1 . How much does a parking permit cost?

If you are a student, you can find parking fees here. Staff/Faculty permits are determined by the union that represents you, if any. Staff/Faculty parking fees are found here.

2 . Where can I park?

General parking permits are only valid in lots labeled with a G. Resident parking permits are only valid in lots labeled with a G or R. Only Faculty/Staff may park in lots marked with FS. Faculty and staff may park in any lot with a FS permit. To locate parking lots on campus, please refer to the campus map.

3 . Where do I place my parking permit?

Parking permits are a static cling sticker that is placed on the inside of your front windshield on the lower passenger's side.

4 . What do I do if my permit is lost/stolen?

Lost or stolen permits must be reported to the cashier's office. You may repurchase a permit to replace a lost/stolen permit for $15. Please note that if a permit is found to be in use after being reported as lost/stolen, the car using the permit will receive a citation.

5 . What do I do if my permit is damaged or no longer sticks?

If your permit is damaged or no longer sticks to your window, bring the permit to the cashier's office where you may receive a replacement permit at no additional cost. You may not keep a damaged permit after receiving a new permit.

6 . What do I do if my JackPass no longer works?

First, please make sure that you are an enrolled, matriculated student, to qualify for a free jackpass. If you have already graduated, your free student JackPass will no longer work. If you have been issued more than 1 student ID, only the newest one will work. For all other technical issues with your JackPass, visit Facilities Management, located on the corner of 14th St and B st.

7 . How do I pay for or contest my parking ticket?

All parking tickets are handled by a 3rd party company. You may find more information on making payments or contesting the ticket herePlease note that parking tickets cannot be paid at the cashier's office.