Student Club Financial Services

Announcement for Fall 2021

Welcome back to HSU for the 2021-2022 school year! Leaders of Registered Student Organizations will be notified of the steps to reactive for this year starting Monday, August 23, 2021. 

Please note that your RSO will not have access to their campus trust account or fundraising events until all steps of activation have been completed. If you wish to conduct financial activities of any kind, please ensure that you and your members have completed ALL steps of RSO reactivation!

Club Financial Services has moved!

Club Financial Services is now located at the far left window of the Cashier's Office on the 2nd floor of the Student Business Services (SBS) Building.

If you have any questions or concerns about your RSO’s finances, please contact or schedule a meeting.

Online Financial Resources for RSO's

How to Make a Deposit Instructional Video

Student Club Financial Services provides tools and resources for students to manage their club's finances. Our office provides guides and resources to protect the assets of student clubs. Click on the buttons below to learn more.

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Contact Info

Club Financial Services

Student Business Services Building, Rm 257
Phone: 707-826-5278
FAX: 707-826-4929


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Gina Yap | Club Financial Coordinator

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