Student Club Financial Services

Student Club Financial Services provides tools and resources for students to manage their organization's finances. Our office provides guides and resources to protect the assets of Registered Student Organizations (RSO).

Please note that an RSO will not have access to their campus trust account or fundraising events until all steps of activation have been completed. If you wish to conduct financial activities of any kind, please ensure that you and your members have completed ALL steps of RSO reactivation!

If you have any questions or concerns about your RSO’s finances, please contact

Information on Ordering Club Merch!

Before ordering your new logo or merchandise, please ensure your artwork meets design requirements by sending your design to for approval.

With the new "Cal Poly" designation, Cal Poly Humboldt has made getting licensing for your logo or product much easier and streamlined! First, check to see if your vendor has been approved for licensing through Affinity Licensing. If your vendor appears on this list, you are good to go!

If your vendor is not on this list, getting approved for licensing is easy! Have your vendor register for licensing through Affinity Licensing.

Please note: You cannot use club funds or sell merch on campus that has not gotten approval through MarCom and received licensing approval! (For products ordered in January 2022 and later).

Online Financial Resources for RSO's