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The Electronic 1098-T Tuition Statement for the calendar year 2021 is now available to view and print from your account at MyHumboldt. 


Student Accounts services include answering inquires students have regarding their tuition, fees and finances. Our department is responsible for the disbursement of all financial aid and scholarships awarded by the university. Staff can assist students in applying for short-term loans and payment plans. In addition, the department oversees the Federal Perkins Loan program. Student Financial Services is responsible collecting of all the university's accounts receivables.

Important Dates

Failure to pay all outstanding tuition and fees by the due date could result in cancellation of your classes. However, you will not be canceled if you have enough pending financial aid posted to your student account that will cover all of your term fees.

**Fall 2022 tuition and fees will be posted to your student account in April**
Fall Term 2022
Registered by August 1, 2022 Fees due by August 8, 2022
Registered on or after August 2, 2022 Fees due in 7 days
Other Important Dates Deadline
First Financial Aid Disbursement One (1) week before classes start
Freeze Date (last day to add/drop) Two (2) weeks after the start of the semester

Important Information Regarding Fees

The California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees sets tuition costs. The CSU system said instruction on all 23 CSU campuses, including Humboldt, is being conducted via hybrid, virtual and in-person (as exceptions) on a temporary basis to ensure that students continue their education and maintain their progress toward degree completion despite the current public health crisis. Tuition will therefore not be refunded.

Mandatory fees and tuition will not be discounted or reimbursed. Campus mandatory fees are not subject to refund except in very limited circumstances because they generally cover fixed and ongoing expenses and costs that the university continues to incur during the pandemic to finance, maintain and operate student facilities and programs (many of which remain available to students via remote access). Examples of these costs include but are not limited to ongoing administrative and overhead costs such as student government programs, academic retention and support, progress toward degree completion, employee wages and benefits, expenses for utilities, repair and maintenance, and payment of financing and long-term debt obligations for some facilities. 

Students pay campus mandatory fees regardless of whether they are a full-time student, part-time student, online student or a student studying abroad – and even if they do not expect to ever use the programs or facilities they support. We hope that students understand that if they want the facilities and programs to be available to them now and in the future, they must, of course, be financially supported and maintained during the pandemic.  

The university does have a process for students to request a refund for tuition and mandatory fees based on special circumstances. These special circumstances include tuition and fees that were assessed or collected in error; the course for which Tuition and Fees were assessed or collected was canceled by the university; the university makes a decision that the student was not eligible to enroll in the term for which tuition and fees were assessed or collected; or the student was activated for mandatory military service. If you believe you can demonstrate exceptional circumstances warranting a refund, you may petition in accordance with the refund and petition guidelines.

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