Registration Payment Plans

Enrollment and Eligibility for Registration Payment Plan

Registration payment plans DO NOT need to be submitted if you have enough pending financial aid posted to your student account that will cover registration fees in full. 


On-campus Housing payment plans are handled through the Humboldt Housing Office. They can be reached at or 707-826-5510.


Extended Education students must contact Student Financial Services to request a payment plan at or 707-826-4407.


To be eligible for a registration payment plan, you must agree to the following terms during enrollment:

All prior term fees must be paid in full,
All first-time students will have an additional $55.00 due by fee deadline,
This installment payment plan includes a non-refundable $33.00 administrative service fee,
A $30.00 late fee will be assessed for each installment paid after the installment due date,
Students receiving anticipated Pell Grant or Loans DO NOT need to make the down payment,
Students ONLY receiving anticipated State University Grant (SUG), Cal Grant A/B Fees, or Tuition Fee Waiver, will still need to make the down payment by the fee deadline.


How to Enroll

  • Start by logging into your Student Center and selecting "Account Inquiry":

Student Center Home Screen

  • Review your account and determine if a registration payment plan is necessary based on your Pending Financial Aid. If a registration payment plan is required, select the "Account Services" tab on top. Please note that registration fees of $550 or less will not be eligible for a payment plan:

Student Center Account Inquiry

  • Once the Account Services screen has loaded, it should auto-populate the registration payment plan selection screen. Select the circle next to the plan and then click the "Next" button. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the registration payment plan. Please note that to consider the registration payment plan active, a $550 initial payment is required by the fee deadline:

Payment Plan Selection